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Glover-crask Charit Tr 321002960 Uw Ethel M Glover

Published on Aidpage by IDILOGIC on Dec 28, 2005

Basic info

Name: Glover-crask Charit Tr 321002960 Uw Ethel M Glover
Address: ROCHESTER, NY 14603-1412
Web site: no data
Type: Private non-operating foundation

Organization activities as reported to IRS

NTEE category (what is NTEE?)

Employment Preparation & Procurement

Organizations that help people prepare for, find, secure and retain suitable employment.
Includes: Job development organizations including those for youth and people with disabilities; and Retraining programs. Employment placement agencies;
Excludes: Job training programs that offer job placement services only to people who have participated in their training.
NTEE broader category


Private nonprofit organizations whose primary purpose is to help people to find, secure and sustain suitable gainful employment.
Includes: organizations that provide job training, retraining, and placement services; vocational guidance and counseling; and vocational rehabilitation services (e.g., special employment assistance for people who have disabilities). Also includes labor unions and organizations whose purpose is to promote and protect the rights of employees to fair remuneration and safe working conditions.
Excludes: formal vocational schools and technical institutes; occupational health and safety programs; business leagues and economic development programs; and organizations that provide employee services like insurance or pensions and retirement funds.

Financial data as reported to IRS for tax period ending: Dec 1, 2004

Assets: $13,917,100
Total Revenue: No Info
Income: $761,602

IRS registration data

IRS district of jurisdiction: Upstate NY
Federal EIN: 16-6478709
Ruling date: Nov 1, 1998
Classified by IRS as: Charitable Organization

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